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Prize Incentives

Delegation Sweepstakes

Any depositor in PoolTogether can delegate their chance to win to another address while maintaining custody of the deposit. Read more about delegation in the Cabana docs.

NFT Prize Sweepstakes

You can gift any prizes a deposit wins to a random holder of a unique NFT collection with no entry required! Create and set a custom prize hook that automatically awards prizes to a random holder using that draw's random number. Check out the example code here.

TWAB Rewards

Rewards can be airdropped to depositors in any prize vault proportion to their Time Weighted Average Balance (TWAB). Set up a rewards program by using the Cabana Rewards Builder. Drops can even be retroactive!

Not Seeing What You're Looking For?

The PoolTogether prize experience can be completely customized to fit your needs! Read more about customizing the prize experience or ask for help in the PoolTogether Discord.